Staff Nurse

Risalla Home Health Care
Job type Full time
Full time
Location Dubai
• Report to the Head Nurse regarding daily activity & inform any untoward situations immediately.
• Do daily patient's assessments & document findings in the nurse's notes in a timely manner.
• Maintain patient's privacy & confidentiality at all times.
• Give medications due for the patient following the rules in giving medication & physician instructions.
• Must have thorough knowledge about the action, side effects of the drug & necessary precaution before the administration of medication.
• Observe & report symptoms, reaction to treatments, drugs & changes in the patient's physical or emotional condition.
• Inform & update client & relatives about any untoward symptoms & for any procedures that needs immediate concern.
• Maintain a good nurse-patient relationship, communicate with the patient & ask about his complaints.
• Prepare all necessary instruments & materials needed by the patient & requesting in advance for any article to be purchased & maintain orderliness & inventory of materials.
• Coordinate services for patients as needed to other agencies & health care providers as appropriate.
• Establishing & maintaining neat & clean environment in home setting.
• Participating in in-service programs, as well as training & teaching other nursing personnel.
• Provide hands – on care to patients at home or in a hospital.
• Answer calls for help & determine if additional help is needed.
• Prepare & serve meals.
• Feed patient & mash up food if necessary.
• Bathe & dress patient.
• Make beds & change linens & empty bedpans.
• Provide patients with help walking, exercising & moving in & out of bed.
• Report abnormal changes or patterns to nursing staff.
• Develop nurturing relationships with patient.
• Report violent behavior.
• Perform routine tasks like vital signs monitoring, food & liquid intake & output under the supervision of registered nurse.
• Monitor patient's physical, mental & emotional condition.
• Transport patients using a wheelchair. Turn & re-position bedridden patients alone or with assistance to prevent bed sores.

• Goal orientated & Responsible
• Ability to work independently or with others
• Strong computing & analyzing abilities
• Flexible & adaptable to changing working conditions
• Effective communication (oral & written)
• Efficient use of Company resources
Education Certification/Professional qualification, Diploma, Bachelor's Degree
Experience 1.00-3.00 Years
Nurse, Midwifery, Registered Nurse, Gnm, Staff Nurses, Staff Nurse
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