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About the Website

For jobseekers is a specialized job search system that allows to search for jobs posted on websites and job boards.

The principle of the site operation is similar to the classic search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing which allow to find the required websites by keyword search and afterwards redirect users to them. The same way allows to find the required jobs using keywords and various filters and afterwards redirects users to the website on which the job was posted.

Advantages of the system

The main advantage of the system is that applicants don't need to remember multiple addresses of job boards and use different search interfaces which are not always convenient and high quality. You can now find all jobs quickly and easily with the help of one address using a single search interface.

How to search

In order to make a search you just need to enter keywords of a required job in the «What» field (this can be a job title, a company name, etc) and a location in the «Where» field. Perform a search and if it's necessary you can reduce the number of search results by means of filters on the left side of the screen to finally get the jobs you require.

the team is constantly working to improve the quality of the system performance and considers carefully all coming comments and suggestions. You can submit your comment here.

For job site owners

Because of the specifics of the system operation, it is not considered a competitor to classic job boards., just as regular search engines, uses public fields of jobs posted on websites (a title, a description, a job location, a company), but to get the full information about found vacancies, users are redirected to the original website.Thus, the system gives all the traffic back to the websites.